Walsh, Glengrant

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1 - The first recorded members of this family are Richard Walsh who married Eleanor Quinn, Licketstown (daughter of Stephen) on the 23rd Feb 1789 – Eleanor died 30th Nov 1843 age 81(1762). Richard died before the 1821 census and is probably the Richard Walsh who died 16th Sep 1804 age 45 (1759) - see Portnascully No. 38.
2 - His grave stone was erected by his brother Robert, who is listed in the 1821 census age 53(1768). Robert married into the Madigan's in Kilcraggan.
As both Robert and Richard named their first son James you would have to assume their father was also James.

Would also think that the following were sisters of Richard and Robert

3 - Mary, listed in the 1821 census age 63 (1758), married Thomas Dunphy, Moonveen on 15th Feb 1773
4 - Johanna, listed in the 1821 census age 52(1769), died 23rd  Feb 1847 age 80(1767) - See Carrigeen No 155. Johanna married her 2nd cousin Peter Keefe, Glengrant on 5th Feb 1789

A first cousin of Richard, Joan Walsh married Peter Dunphy Ballygorey 8th Apr 1782. Joan I believe may have been a sister of Robin Walsh

The children of Richard Walsh and Eleanor Quinn

1 - James baptised 13th Feb 1790 and died 23rd Oct 1867 – married Anty Brennan, Licketstown on 13th Feb 1820 – see below
2 - Margaret baptised 22nd Jun 1792 – married Edmund Quinn, Licketstown on 11th Feb 1819
3 - Rev. Stephen baptised 13th Nov 1794 and died 27th Jun 1863 age 69(1794)
4 - Honor baptised 4th Mar 1798
5 - Johanna baptised 6th Mar 1802 and died 12th Oct 1891 Age 95– married William Gough, Carricksaggart, Crooke on 5th Feb 1834.
a) Patrick born 1835 and died 27th Jun 1898 age 63(1835). Married Johanna Power, Ballynearla on 25th Feb 1862
i) 10 children in Carricksaggart, including
Patrick 30th Jul 1879-29th Oct 1966 who married Ellen "Shean" Walsh, Grange on 5th Oct 1926
Johanna baptised 13th Jun 1863 who married Richard Power, Lisselty on 24th Jul 1894
b) Richard born 1838 and died 2nd Aug 1917. Married Ellen Sheridan in 1871.
i) 9 Children in Georges St/Barronstrand St.
c) James baptised 30th Jul 1840
d) Catherine baptised 29th Sep 1842. Married Ned Delahunty, Knocknacoppel on 7th Feb 1871
i) 10 children born Knocknacoppel
e) James 1843 and died 31st Aug 1893 age 50(1840) at Lisnakill, Butlerstown. Married Alice Power in 1873.
i) 9 Children in Lisbakill
6 - Rev. Richard baptised 29th Jan 1805

The children of James Walsh and Anty Brennan

1 - Nell baptised 30th May 1822 and died 1st Nov 1910 age 89(1821) in Drumrusk – married Maurice Hearn (1809-1888), Drumrusk on 22nd Mar 1843.
a) James born 1847 and died 5th May 1932 age 85(1847) in Drumrusk
b) Richard baptised 21st Dec 1848 and died 2nd May 1929 age 79(1850) at William St. Waterford. Alderman and Mayor of Waterford in 1901 & 1902. Married Alice Mary Power, Cove on 25th Jan 1882 and following were born in William St. Waterford
i) Rev. Maurice born 12th Nov 1882 – served in the UK and as parish priest in Cahir, where he died 12th Sep 1964 age 81(1883)
ii) Catherine born 6th Jan 1885 and died Sep 1975, Birkenhead. Married Frederick Charles Baker 21st Jul 1915
iii) Mary Ellen born 13th Apr 1886 and married Richard Fennessy
iv) Richard James born 1st Jul 1889. Married Mary Nolan on 11th Feb 1920
v) David born 20th Jan 1891
vi) James born 23rd Feb 1892 and died 17th Feb 1972 in Redwood City, San Mateo, CA. Married to Edith Warrington.
vii) John Joseph Hearne born 4th Nov 1896 and died in Dublin 26th Mar 1969. Married Monica Mary Martin on 10th Jun 1930. John was Architect in Chief and Draftsman of the 1937 Irish Constitution and in 1950 he became Independent Ireland’s first Ambassador to the United States of America.
viii) Ellen Anna born 14th Jul 1896, Parliament St. and died 23rd Sep 1930 at Grattan St. Sligo. Married Eugene McCarthy, Limerick on 7th Feb 1918
c) Johanna baptised 30th Dec 1850
d) Ellen baptised 28th Mar 1852
e) William baptised 12th May 1854 and died 3rd Jul 1869 age 15(1854)
f) Stephen baptised 27th Oct 1856 and died 11th Jun 1933 age 77(1856) in Kill St. Nicholas. Married Catherine Dunphy, Kill St. Nicholas on 24th Aug 1897. Catherine mother was Catherine Grant, Dungooly who died 19th Sep 1901 age 77(1824)
i) Maurice born 4th Sep 1899. Married Mary Casey 10th Feb 1926
ii) Edward born 1902
iii) Ellen born 3rd Aug 1903
iv) Walter born 26th Nov 1905
v) Richard born 15th Sep 1907
g) Maurice baptised 13th Sep 1858
h) David baptised 20th Dec 1860. Married Margaret Meagher, Knockhouse on 9th Feb 1886
i) Mary Bridget born 29th Jan 1887, Ballybricken
i) Anastasia baptised 15th Jan 1864 and died 1st Jun 1918 age 57(1861)
j) Bridget baptised 1st Oct 1866. Married James Cahill, Broad St. on 26th Apr 1892 and the following were born in Kilnaspic
i) Elizabeth born 29th Jan 1893
ii) Nellie born 15th Apr 1894
iii) Maureen born 1st May 1899
2 - Richard baptised 20th Feb 1824 – married Anastasia Doyle, Portnahully (daughter of Catherine Dunphy, Moonveen) on 21st Feb 1865 – see below
3 - William baptised 29th May 1826 – married Johannah Rowe, Ballygorey (widow of Samuel Reddy, Glengrant) on 1st Jun 1878. 2 children:
a) Stasia born 25th Oct 1878
b) James born 15th Oct 1881 (went to US)
4 - Joany (Jude) baptised 29th Jan 1828 – married Peter Doyle, Luffany on 27th Jan 1858 (3rd cousins)
5 - Margaret baptised 1st Jan 1830 – married Thomas Walsh "Royals", Mountneill on 8th Feb 1865 – parents of Margaret who married Peter Keeffe Glengrant in 1905
6 - Stephen baptised 28th Mar 1832
7 - Edmund baptised 16th Nov 1836

The children of Richard Walsh and Anastasia Doyle

1 - James “Jimmy Dick” baptised 26th Feb 1866
2 - Edmund (Ned) born 27th Aug 1867
3 - Walter baptised 3rd Jul 1869
4 - Stasia born 3rd Aug 1871
5 - Kate born 5th Jan 1873 – died young
6 - Kate born 22nd Aug 1875

None of the 6 ever married