The Schools’ Collection - Carrigeen
Seán Ó Meachair 10th Feb 1938 31st Mar 1939

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WeatherloreJohn Madden, Curlody1411 Feb 193841
WeatherloreMicheal O'Keeffe, Glengrant1414 Feb 193843
WeatherlorePatrick Phelan, Aglish1317 Feb 193845
Old SchoolsCurlodyJohn Madden, Curlody14John Walsh, Curlody who died May 1938 Age 8718 Feb 193847
Old SchoolsBallincurPatrick Foley, Ballincur12.523 Feb 193849
Buried TreasurePower's Ghost and Nolan FishermanMicheal O'Keeffe, GlengrantEdward O'Keeffe, his father 24 Feb 193850
Giant's Grave LicketstownMr Butler, FeniansMicheal O'Keeffe, GlengrantEdward O'Keeffe, his father 02 Mar 193852
CraftsCooper - William Foley, Portnahully & Walsh(Coopers), Ballygorey .
Making Nails - White the Nailer, Waterford.
Weaver - Thomas Finlay, Aglish.
Basket Making - Patrick Barry, Portnahully.
Candle Making.
John Madden, Curlody14Mrs Madden, his Grandmother age 8810 Mar 193854
CraftsCooper - Foley, Portnahully - son Ferrybank, Quane Aglish & Doody, New AglishHilary Delahunty, Curraghmartin10.518 Mar 193857
CraftsThatchers - Michael Holden, Ballygory. John Merry, Curlody. John Brennan Ballytarsney.
O'Keeffe Dournane.
Shoemaking - James Howley Mooncoin.
Smith - Larry White, Old Luffany - up to ~1918.
Cooper - Walsh Ballygorey - up to ~ 1913.
Weavers - Walsh Ballygorey, "Nee Dhora" Figeadora.
David Nunan, Ballinlough11.523 Mar 193858
CraftsCooper - William Reddy, Glengrant "Will the Cooper" - Patrick Reddy, Holycross
and Mrs Crotty Teacher Mullinavat.
Shoemaking Robin O'Keeffe Glengrant & his nephew Peter - up to ~1918.
Weavers - Keeffes, Glengrant.
Basket Making.
Weaver - Fennelly, Aglish.
Micheal O'Keeffe, Glengrant14Edward O'Keeffe, his father 24 Mar 193860
Local CuresPoulamona, Portnahully
Daniels Fiddown
Hilary Delahunty, Curraghmartin10.529 Mar 193863
Local CuresMr Bowers, GraigavineDavid Nunan, Ballinlough11.5His mother30 Mar 193864
Local CuresNicholas Grace, Aglish13James Grace, his father01 Apr 193866
Local CuresJohn Madden, Curlody14Mrs Madden, his Grandmother age 8805 Apr 193868
Local Beliefs07 Apr 193870
Signs of Ill LuckDavid Nunan, Ballinlough11.508 Apr 193871
Local BeliefsHilary Delahunty, CurraghmartinJoseph Delahunty, his father11 Apr 193872
Customs of Feast DaysJohn Madden, Curlody1427 Apr 193874
Customs of Certain DaysDavid Nunan, Ballinlough11.5His mother29 Apr 193876
Customs of Certain Feast DaysJohn Maher, Principle03 May 193879
Names of FieldsFarrenmacedmund & Aglish - Mr Phelan, Thomas Walsh & Nicholas WalshNicholas Grace, Aglish1304 May 193881
Names of FieldsJames O'Brien, Ballincur, Edmond Walsh, Ballincur,
Pat Asper, Ashgrove & Edmond O'Keeffe, Rathcurby
Patrick Foley, Ballincur06 May 193883
Names of FieldsCurlody. Donovan's Bog. Walsh's BogJohn Madden, Curlody84
Names of FieldsCurraghmartin - Richard Delahunty, Joe Fewer, James Grace
Ballymountain - James Walsh, "Pat the Braucer"
Portnahully - Patrick Whelan, Mary Whelan, John Whelan & John Quinn
Patrick Delahunty
Mountneill - Thomas Walsh
Hilary Delahunty, Curraghmartin10.512 May 193886
Names of FieldsMoonveen - his father, Walter Cummins, Mrs Dunphy, Michael Fitzpatrick & Patrick Walsh
Carrigeen - Larry Denn
Patrick Vereker, Moonveen12.501 Jun 193888
Ancient RoadsBallincur to Ballymountain
Rathkieran to Old Luffany - Guilloge Bridge
Dournane to Portnascully - Dewlis/Dewles Road
Portnascully to River Suir - Moat Road
Aglish to Thomas Walsh's Field near creamery - Clais Na Fall
Aglish to Mr Grace's Field - Culog
David Nunan, Ballinlough11.513 Jun 193893
Ancient RoadsPortnahully to Mountneill - Knock Road - Ballyfoy Knock
Portnahully to Aglish - Bawn-da-lawn
Nicholas Grace, Aglish1315 Jun 193895
Ancient RoadsPortnahully to Mountneill :Knock Road - Ballyfoy Knock
Portnahully - "Poll-na-mona"
Lower Curlody - "Micil's Boreen"
Ballygorey - "Gleanndaug"
Luffany - " Boreen-na-scoile"
Bank from Licketstown to Moonveen/Glengrant - "Bosheen a hocka"
John Madden, Curlody14Mrs Madden, his Grandmother age 8817 Jun 193896
Games I PlayNicholas Grace, Aglish1321 Jun 193898
Games I PlayDavid Nunan, Ballinlough11.507 Jul 1938103
Games I PlayJohn Madden, Curlody1415 Jul 1938108
A Local PoetPhilip Rowe, Ballygorey - died Dec 1936 age 90 - Son Thomas RoweJohn Dunphy, Ballygorey14 Sep 1938110
Local SongsBallinlough CreameryEdmond Phelan, Aglish11Walter Phelan his father20 Sep 1938111
Local SongsThe GrottoJohn Madden, Curlody18 Nov 1938116
Local SongsThe Mooncoin HurlersJohn Madden, Curlody12 Jan 1939118
Local SongsThe Men of MooncoinNicholas Grace, Aglish1318 Jan 1939121
Crops and WeatherloreJohn Madden, CurlodyMrs Madden, his Grandmother23 Jan 1939124
A Local LandlordField called Poll an Murdair owned by Philip McGrath
Jackson of Curlody Castle.
Walsh of Glengrant.
John Madden, Curlody24 Jan 1939126
My Native TownlandBallinlough
Philip Rowe,
Aylward and Nunan
David Nunan, Ballinlough1225 Jan 1939127
My Home DistrictCurlody
John Madden, Curlody14.527 Jan 1939129
Local NamesCarrigeen, Ballinlough, Cussanna, Aglish, Portnascully, Portnahully, Barnawee,
Luffany, Ballygorey, Curlody, Glengrant, Moonveen, Licketstown, Mountneill,
Curraghmartin, Ballincur, Ballymountain, Clashroe, Farranmacedmond, Rathcurby,
Dungooley, Iverk, Ida, Ibercon, Tory Hill
David Nunan, Ballinlough1203 Mar 1937131
Licketstown Mass BushPeter O'Keefe, GlengrantEdmond Butler, Licketstown12.5Michael Butler, his father30 Mar 1939138
Carrigeen DistrictDanes in Co. WaterfordJohn Maher, Principle31 Mar 1939139
NicknamesWalsh nicknames:
Watt Moores, Watt Bawns, Nicholashes, Long Jacks, Foxey Jacks, Nells, Andys, Bill Ruadhs,
Foxy Johns, Watts, Sean L's, Micils, Bals, Clashes, Crawns, The Tailors, The Coopers,
John the Farmer, The Dealers, Dick the Painter, Na Dhoras, Hot Cakes, Eat-a-bits, Royals,
Brooders, The Sebs, The Bartleys, The Sweens, The Cuillas, The Kid, The Boll-ew-dricks.
Glengrant - Jimmy Dick, Watt Jack, Ned
John Maher, Principle31 Mar 1939143