Priests and other Religious with Mooncoin Connections

TitleFull NameBirth DateBirth PlaceFatherMotherDiedDied - PlaceNotes
Rev.William Butler1687Old Luffany6 Oct 1741
No 8 RathkieranPP Slieverue and Glenmore
Rev.Thomas Millea18 Dec 1749KnockanureNov 1805RochestownCC Upperwoods 1783
Rathowney 1783/84
Slieverue and Glenmore until Jul 1791
PP Callan
PP Slieverue from 1800
Rev.Geoffrey FitzpatrickKnockanure7 Apr 1835DunnamagganCC Mooncoin 1806-1818
CC Callan and Slieverue 1818-29
PP Dunnamaggan 10 Jul 1829
Rev.James Henneberry1772Luffany8 Jan 1834CallanOrdained 1806
CC St Mary's 1807
Dunamaggan till 1810
Templeorum till July 1811
St John's Sept 1813
Then Templeorum
Sep 1814 St John's
PP Callan Jan 27th 1821
Rev.Edmund Kenna1773Cussany20 Feb 1834RosberconCC of St Mary's Jun 1800
PP Lisdowney Feb 1807
Rosbercon May 1817
Rev.Richard Brennan1778Ashgrove18 Apr 1815No 2 Rathkieran
Rev.John Delahunty1783Curraghmartin26 Jan 1821
Age 37
No 54 Carrigeen
BishopWilliam Dollard29 Nov 1789BallytarsnaMichael DollardAnastas Dunphy20 Aug 1851Fredericton, York County, New Brunswick, CanadaThe First Bishop of the Saint John Diocese of America
Rev.Thomas Brennan12 Feb 1790RathcurbyJohn Brennan, RathcurbyElse Grant, Dongouly6 Oct 1846WindgapCC St. Canices, Ballyhale
PP Windgap Sept 1843
Rev.John Walsh28 Jan 1791MoonveenWalter WalshJoan Fielding12 Dec 1827
BishopEdmund Walsh30 Sep 1791LuffanyNicholas Walsh, AglishMargaret Walsh, Luffany11 Aug 1872Bishop of Ossory
Rev.John Fielding8 Apr 1792PortnascullyEdmond FieldingBridget Walsh18 Nov 1841Died at his residence Archerstown House and buried in Lisdowney ChapelOrdained 1819
CC Johnstown, St John's, Mooncoin and Slieverue until 1839
PP Lisdowney
Rev.James Grant12 Apr 1793RiverquarterWalter GrantMary Dunphy, Corluddy14 Sep 1836Chapel Island, Nova ScotiaOrdained on 10 June 1819 at Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
RevEdmund Joseph Kelly22 Aug 1794BallygoreyPatrick KellyMary Maher7 Jun 1866South Shields
Rev.Stephen Walsh13 Nov 1794GlengrantRichard WalshEleanor Quinn, Licketstown27 Jun 1863Kilnaboy, Corofin, Co. Clare
No 245 Carrigeen
Rev.Walter McDonald29 Apr 1796NicholastownThomas McDonald, NicholastownHonor Grant, Grange24 Oct 1864Templeorum ChapelOrdained Dec 1826
CC Diocese of Killaloe
CC Ballyhale, Templeorum, Gowran and Rosbercon
PP Aghavillar 1848
Templeorum 26th Jul 1850
Rev.Patrick O'Brien25 Mar 1802RathcurbyJohn BrienJoanna Kenna, Portnahully2 Nov 1879DanesfortPP Danesford from 1858
Rev.John Kelly26 Jun 1804BallygoryPatrick KellyMary Maher
Rev.Richard Walsh29 Jan 1805GlengrantRichard WalshEleanor Quinn, LicketstownCrusheen, Co. Clare
Rev.Andrew Hennebry5 May 1805LuffanyEdmund HennebryAnastasia Delahunty, Luffany30 Jul 1836
Rev.Andrew Keefe1805/06AglishWalter KeefeAnty Walsh, Aglsih05 Jul 1831No 156 Carrigeen
Rev.Kyran Walsh~18084 Sep 1868Harbour Main, Nfld
Rev.Edmond Brennan6 Jun 1808RathcurbyWalter BrennanEleanor Kenna, CussanaClonmel
Sr.Margaret Delahunty1809CurraghmartinPatrick DelahuntyEllen Walsh, Grange28 Mar 1835Buried Carrigeen No 57Noviceship in the Ursuline Convent at St Joseph Ennis
Rev.James Quinn7 Aug 1809SkelpstownMichael Quinn, CussanaCatherine Broders, Skelpstown21 Jul 1885Milltown, New Brunswick, Canada.Vicar-General of the Diocese of St. John
Rev.John Delahunty1809CurraghmartinRichard DelahuntyNell Holohan, Cussany9 Jul 1881MullinavatPP Mullinavat from 1869
Sr.Ellen Delahunty1810CurraghmartinPatrick DelahuntyEllen Walsh, Grange24 Jul 1842Buried Carrigeen No 57Ursuline Convent Galway
Rev.John Cummins2 May 1813MoonveenJohn CumminsBridget Doyle, PortnahullyP.P. of Ferryland.
Rev.Richard Walsh1813GrangeEdmund WalshMary Henebery, Portnascully18 Jun 1868Buried Portnascully No 46
DeanRichard Walsh22 Feb 1814BallyvaddenJohn WalshMary Dee, DungarvanGrandson of John Walsh Glengrant
Arch-DeaconJohn Forristal19 Jun 1814MiddlequarterMichael ForestalElizabeth Walsh, Kilnaspic20 Nov 1850St. John's, Newfoundland
Rev.Edward Quinn1815SkelpstownMichael Quinn, CussanaCatherine Broders, SkelpstownCanada
Rev.Thomas Phelan1 Apr 1817AglishPatrick PhelanMargaret Merry/ Houlihan, Cussana5 May 1892CarrigeenServed in Prince Edward Island and was responsible for building
St Patricks Church in Fort Augustus in 1869.
He returned home and was Chaplain to the
Little Sisters of the Poor in Waterford.
Sr.Catherine Delahunty31 Aug 1819CurraghmartinPatrick DelahuntyEllen Walsh, Grange24 Nov 1841Buried Carrigeen No 57Ursuline Convent Galway
Rev.Edward McDonald6 Nov 1819EmilMarcus McDonaldMargaret Bowe8 Dec 1889Buried in Crypt of St CanicesEntered Maynooth 25 Aug 1840
Professor of St Kieran's College 1848
Canon Penitentiary 1856
President of St Kieran's College 1859 -1873
PP St Canices's, Dean & V.G. of the Diocese 1869
Arch-DeaconWilliam Forristal27 Dec 1820MiddlequarterMichael ForestalAlly Walsh, Kilnaspic8 Sep 1894St. John's, NewfoundlandOrdained by Bishop Fleming in St. John's on 28 December 1844
St. Bonaventure's College - first president
PP Fermeuse and Ferryland
Rev.David Walsh26 Jan 1821PortnsacullyJohn WalshBridget Walsh, Grannyknock15 Jan 1878Stapehill Convent, Dorset
RevEdmund Walsh17 Jul 1821Crawn, PortnascullyPhilip WalshJoanna Walsh, Luffany10 Mar 1881MooncoinNephew of Bishop Edmund Walsh
Ordained 1847
CC Mooncoin 1848-51
CC and Adm of St Mary's 1851-1865
PP Mooncoin 1865
Canonry of Aghoure 1873
Built Mooncoin and Kilnaspick Churches
Rev.John O'Hanlon11 Jul 1823DoornaneMichael HanlonMary Henebery8 Dec 1897GowranOrdained 1849
1851-1864 CC of Glenmore Chaplain of Kilkenny Workhouse CC of St Canice's
Adm. of St John's until Oct 1870 when made
PP Gowran
Canon of Kilmanagh 1891
Rev.Edward Delahunty19 May 1824Luffany12 Nov 1903ThomastownOrdained 1852
CC Mooncoin for 5 years
CC Mullinavat 1857-1873
Adm. Of Skirke
PP Thomastown May 1874
Canon of Mayne 1885
Archdeacon of Diocese 1892
Rev.James McDonald10 Aug 1824NicholastownRichard McDonaldEllen Keeffe6 Jul 1890Purakau in HokiangaNephew of Rev. Walter McDonald.
Ordained 1851 Dublin for Auckland
Maori Mission
Rev.Patrick Healy03 Apr 1825DungoolyJohn HealyCatherine Clancy, Ballygriffin22 Jan 1889Chicopee, Hampden County, MassachusettsOrdained 1854
Vicar General of the Springfield Diocese, Boston
Rev.Thomas Hennebery13 Nov 1826CloncunyPhilip HenebryJudy Ryan, Ballygorey
Sr.Judith Lucas10 Mar 1827CorluddyJohn LucasCatherine Dunphy, CorluddyPresentation Convent, Mooncoin
Rev.Patrick Heneberry30 Jan 1830ClonconeyWilliam HeneberyMary Farrell19 Sep 1897Virginia City, Nevada
BishopJohn Walsh23 May 1830MiddlequarterJames WalshEllen McDonald, Grange31 Jul 1898TorontoBishop of London, Canada 1867-89
Archbishop of Toronto 1889-98
Rev.Walter McDonald14 Dec 1830NicholastownRichard McDonaldEllen Keeffe31 Dec 1899AucklandNephew of Rev. Walter McDonald.
Ordained 9 Mar 1856, Auckland
Rector of Panmure
Sr.Margaret Lucas30 Mar 1830CorluddyJohn LucasCatherine Dunphy, CorluddyPresentation Convent, Mooncoin
Rev.William Frips25 Aug 1831GrangeMichael FripsMargaret Forestal, MiddlequarterNephew of Rev. John and Arch Deacon William Forristal
Rev.James Quinn28 Mar 1832CarrigeenRichard QuinnMay Brennan, Knockanure
Rev.John Walsh15 Jul 1836TinloughEdmund Walsh, LuffanyCatherine Carrigan, Tinlough15 Feb 1862
Rev.John O'Donovan6 Nov 1836BallyvaddenThomas O'DonovanAnne Walsh, Ballyvadden24 Apr 1912St. Mary's MudgeeGrandson of John Walsh Glengrant
Dean of Sydney
Ordained 24 June 1861
Rev.Edmund Walsh21 Jan 1840CloggaJames WalshEllen Walsh, AglishStudied in St. John’s College, Waterford. Ordained probably in 1866.
CC Windgap for a year from Jul 1866 to Jul 1867
Rev.James Keefe1840sGrangeJames Keefe, GrangeAlly Moran, Ballybrasil
Rev.Thomas Walsh12 Feb 1843KilnaspicThomas WalshEllen Kinsella, Kilavaroon12 Dec 1926Westport, Buller, West Coast, New ZealandOrdained in All Hallows
Rev.William Keefe27 Sept 1843GrangeJames Keefe, GrangeAlly Moran, Ballybrasil
Rev.Edmund Dunphy25 Jul 1844BallygoreyJohn DunphyEllen Kelly, Ballygory14 Apr 1877
Rev.Patrick Stone10 Oct 1844DoornaneEdmund StoneEllen Delahunty, Curraghmartin04 Apr 1905Chicopee,? Massachusetts
MotherAlice Howley11 Jul 1845MooncoinJames HowleyCatherine Reddy, MooncoinDubuque, IowaMother Josephine
Sr.Mary Walsh25 Jul 1845GrangeJames WalshMary Cummins, MoonveenGood Shepard, Sri Lanka
Rev.Richard Cummins13 Nov 1845MoonveenWalter CumminsMary Walsh, Grange4 Oct 1873PP Haverhill USA
Rev.Daniel O'Halloran06 Apr 1846KilcragganMartin O'HalloranCatherine Dollard, Ballybrazil26 Nov 1923CastlecomerPP Castlecomer
Rev.William Doody184728 May 1877
Rev.Walter Walsh29 Aug 1849GrangeJames WalshMary Cummins, Moonveen02 Jan 1903BallyhaleOrdained Summer 1876
CC in St John's, Tullaroan, Slieverue and St Canice's
PP Ballyhale 20 Jul 1899
Rev.Richard F Walshe23 Nov 1849AglishWalter Walsh (Pope)Mary Farrell, Aglish North18 Jul 1849Saint Brigids Cemetery
Hampshire MA
Rev.James Quinn2 Mar 1851DoornanePhilip QuinnCatherine Conway, Flemingstown27 Jan 1918Cumming, Warren County, IowaPastor of Windham, Johnson County, Iowa, April 1, 1881.
Rev.John Murphy15 Mar 1851EmilEdmond MurphyMargaret Healy, DungooleyOrdained 1878
Assistant to his uncle, Very Rev. Patrick Healy, V G in Boston
1883 Pastor of Great Barrington
1892 St. Mary's, Lee
Rev.William Walsh3 Apr 1851AglishEdmond WalshMary Doyle, Luffany9 Jul 1883Boston, MA
Rev.Walter McDonald15 Jun 1854EmilThomas McDonaldMary Carroll, Pollrone02 May 1920MaynoothEducated St Kieran's College and Maynooth.
Ordained 1876
Teacher St Kieran's
From 1881 Professor in Faculty of Theology, Maynooth.
1906 Founded Irish Theological Quartley
RevJohn Rowe4 Oct 1854BallygoreyThomas RoweAnne Henebry, Clonconey16 Jun 1911Avondale NFL
RevJohn Roe26 May 1855Ballyhobuck GlenmoreWilliam Roe, BallygoryMary Walsh, Portnascully22 Feb 1923Gowran
Rev.Michael Walsh22 Jan 1856LuffanyNicholas Walsh, LuffanyAnty Walsh, BallygoreyWellington NZ
Rev.Richard Dollard17 Feb 1856BallybrazilMartin DollardMargaret Henebry, Doornane28 Aug 1926Corning, IowaOrdained 18 Jun 1882
Move Iowa in Jun
Parishes at Walnut, Avoca, Harlan and Carson 1882-99
What Cheer 1899-1906
Corning 1906-26
Rev.James Walsh01 Jun 1856CloggaPatrick WalshHonora Quinn, SkelpstownApr 1893Syracuse, NYOrdained 30th Jan 1880
Sr.Catherine Walsh14 Sep 1856GrangeJames WalshMary Cummins, MoonveenSister of Mercy, Callan
Rev.James Hennebry08 Sep 1856DoornaneEdmund Hennebry, DoornaneMary Dollard, DurnaneInistioge
Rev.James Walsh26 Nov 1856MiddlequarterRichard WalshCatherine Murphy, Emil28 Feb 1921Scarborough, Toronto, OntarioOrdained 12 Mar 1881.
Nephew of Bishop John Walsh, Toronto.
Rev.Edmund Phelan29 Dec 1856AglishWalter PhelanEllen Phelan, Licketstown19 Mar 1938Port Lincoln, Adelaide
See Carrigeen No. 161
Port Lincoln 1884-1894
Rev.Patrick Walsh13 Jun 1857Corluddy Walter WalshJohanna Doyle, Luffany28 Oct 1925Mount Olivet Cemetery
Key West
Dubuque County
Ordained in 1880 and moved to Dubuque.
Parishes in Bankston, Lycurgus and Waukon during
45 years of activity in the arch-diocese of Dubuque
Rev.Martin Murphy22 Dec 1858EmilEdmond MurphyMargaret Healy, DungooleyOrdained June 1884
Assistant in Chicopee Falls and Westfield.
Pastor of Cordaville on Oct 1892.
Oct 1893 Pastor of Oxford
Jan 1895 Great Barrington
Rev.William Dunphy18 Mar 1859AglishRichard DunphyEllen Walsh, Aglish10 Sep 1904BallynamountainBrompton, South Australia
SrMary Columbanus WalshLuffanyMichael WalshMary Dunphy, Corluddy
Rev.John Walsh03 Mar 1860CloggaPatrick WalshHonora Quinn, Skelpstown27 Jan 1911CloggaOrdained 22nd Jun 1884.
PP of East Hartford, Conn for 22 years
Rev. Mons.James Doyle07 Apr 1860LuffanyPeter DoyleJoan Walsh, Glengrant02 Jul 1943Newtown, ThomastownEducated at St. Kieran's Kilkenny and Maynooth
Curate Putney, Southwark for 2.5 years
Recalled to Ossory in February, 1888 he was appointed
C.C. at St. Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny, and
was made Administrator of that parish in 1904.
He was appointed Parish Priest of Thomastown in April, 1912,
and a few years later he was made Canon and Vicar Forane.
In 1929 he became Archdeacon and was later appointed Vicar-General and
made Domestic Prelate to the Pope.
In 1937 appointed Dean of Ossory.
Rev.William McDonald19 May 1860CloggaLaurence McDonaldElizabeth Lewis1926Dawson, Richardson County, Nebraska, USAOrdained 1885
Pastor of Dawson
Rev.Thomas Dunphy15 Jun 1860BallincurThomas DunphyMargaret Henebery, Doornane31 Aug 1925West Drayton, LondonProfessor of St Kieran's college before spending over 20 years in England
Rev.James McDonald16 Oct 1860EmilThomas McDonaldMary Carroll, Pollrone30 Nov 1926EmilArchdiocese of San Francisco
Rev. MotherMary Baptist McDonald1861EmilThomas McDonaldMary Carroll, Pollrone22 Jan 1916KilmacowPresentation Convent, Kilmacow
Rev.William Dollard1 May 1861BallytarsnaMichael DollardAnastasia Quinn, Skelpstown20 Aug 1907South Brewer, Penobscot County, MaineParish Priest of St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Grand Nephew of Right Rev. William Dollard Ballytarsney
Nephew of Rev. James Quinn Skelpstown
Rev.Richard Walsh2 Dec 1861CloggaPatrick WalshHonora Quinn, Skelpstown17 Apr 1891Port HuronOrdained 29th Jun 1885
Rev.Edward Mackey07 Dec 1862MiddlequarterWilliam MackeyAnastasia Delahunty02 Feb 1930Berlin, New Hampshire
Rev.John O'Shea~1862/63Grand Nephew of Rev. Thomas Millea
CC Thomastown in 1901 & 1911
Sr.Honora O'Halloran16 Jun 1863KilcragganMartin O'HalloranCatherine Dollard, Ballybrazil27 Feb 1946CallanSr. Mary Clare.
Mercy Convent Callan
Rev.William Tobin04 Sep 1863 BarrabehyAdam TobinMary Walsh, Balinacooly9 Jan 1911AustraliaSandhurst Diocese, Victoria
Rev.John Walsh05 Mar 1864LicketstownJohn WalshJoanna Quinn, LicketstownMar 1929Parrsboro, Halifax,
Nova Scotia
He was ordained in St. John's College, Waterford. and left Ireland in 1888.
Diocese of Halifax for over 40 years
Rev.Martin O'Halloran16 Aug 1865KilcragganMartin O'HalloranCatherine Dollard, Ballybrazil10 Sep 1935GalmoyAfter his ordination at Maynooth he served on temporary mission in the Archdiocese of Liverpool
On his return home was curate at St. John's, in Kilkenny City; Ballyfoyle, Urlingford and Conahy.
Was transferred from the latter parish to Galmoy on his appointment as parish priest.
Sr.Johanna Dunphy23 Dec 1865LuffanyPatrick DunphyJohanna Walsh, Luffany13 Sep 1900St. John of God Convent, John's Hill, WaterfordSr. Dominic, St. John of God
Rev. MotherAnastasia Walsh26 Mar 1866BallynamountainJames WalshMargaret Dunphy, Corluddy17 Jan 1932Presentation Convent, WaterfordRev. Mother Paul
Rev.Edmond Phelan02 Apr 1866 BallytarsneyPatrick PhelanCatherine Cuddihy, Ballytarsney19 Mar 1938Adelaide
No 161 Carrigeen
Adelaide dioc, SA
New Norcia, WA
Rev.James Dalton29 May 1866GrangePatrick DaltonEllen Walsh, Grange2 Sep 1932Buried Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney.
Rev.Walter Doody6 Jun 1866AglishEdmund DoodyMargaret Phelan, Aglish25 Mar 1934PP Springhill CA
RevJohn Doody18 Nov 1867GrannyknockJames DoodyBridget Fewer, Aglish04 Feb 1931President of St Kieran's College
Rev.Richard Walsh14 Apr 1868BallynamountainJames WalshMargaret Dunphy, Corluddy29 Jun 1927Wooloowin, Brisbane, AustraliaOrdained on July 30, 1892 and arrived in Brisbane in the same year.
Curate at Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Beaudesert and Southport.
1902 to 1904 acting PP at Gatton
1905 PP Wooloowln for over 20 years
Rev.David Tobin26 Dec 1869BarrabehyAdam TobinMary Walsh, Balinacooly20 Feb 1932Euroa, Victoria, Australia
Rev.James K Fielding20 Apr 1870RathkieranThomas FieldingHonor Maher, Riverquarter30 Nov 1940No 26 Rathkieran
RevWilliam Walsh16 Nov 1870KilnaspicPatrick WalshMargaret Walsh, Kilnaspic
Rev.Thomas Hogan28 Jan 1871GrangeRichard HoganMary Walsh, Grange
BishopJoseph McGrath3 Mar 1871FlemingstownJames McGrathMargaret Farrell, Aglish12 Apr 1950Ordained 21 Dec 1895
Priest of Springfield
Appointed Bishop of Baker City, Oregon, USA Dec 1918
SisterJohanna Murphy15 Mar 1871John Murphy, SallyparkAnastasia Walsh, Mountneill14 Mar 1941
RevJohn Gahan17 Nov 1871BallynaboleyPeter GahanMargaret Delahunty, Curraghmartin25 Jun 1913Manchester
Rev.James Bernard Dollard30 Aug 1872BallytarsnaMichael DollardAnastasia Quinn, Skelpstown29 Apr 1905Ordained in December, 1896
Curate in St. Helen's Church, and St. Mary's Church, Toronto,
9 years, Parish Priest of Uptergrove, Ontario.
Parish Priest of St. Monica's church in North Toronto
Grand Nephew of Right Rev. William Dollard Ballytarsney
Nephew of Rev. James Quinn Skelpstown
Sr.Catherine Dunphy26 Apr 1873LuffanyPatrick DunphyJohanna Walsh, Luffany1920sSr. Lioba.
New York
Sr.Bridget Henebery3 Feb 1874GrangeRichard HeneberyAlice Walsh, GrangeSr. Alphonsas. Mercy Convant, Charleville
Sr.Mary Mackey19 Dec 1874MountneillMichael MackeyMargaret Hearn31 May 1954Dubuque, IowaSr. Mary Clementina
Rev.Edward Walsh25 Mar 1875KilnaspicPatrick WalshMargaret Walsh, Kilnaspic29 May 1910Murdered in St Paul, MN
Monsg.James Quinn10 Nov 1875CashelWilliam QuinnCatherine Kelly, Cashel20 Aug 1948Cumberland, Allegany County, MarylandOrdained 21 Dec 1900
30 years in Allegany County
Sr.Mary Dunphy10 Sep 1876LuffanyPatrick DunphyJohanna Walsh, Luffany11 Jul 1916Portsmouth, buried in Highland Road CemeterySr. Valerian
Sr.M. Virginia (Bridget) O'Keeffe16 Dec 1877GlengrantPeter KeeffeNorah (Honor) Nolan
Ballyduff East
23 Mar 1940MinnesotaSt Joseph's Order St Paul, MN
Rev.Edward Purcell28 Jan 1878GaulstownPhilip PurcellAnastasia Walsh, TinloughGrandson of Edward Walsh, Luffany
Mons.Thomas Barden20 Apr 1878KilnaspicMichael Barden, GowlawnMargaret Walsh, Kilnaspic 29 Jun 1955Tecumseh, Johnson County, Nebraska.Attended the National Schools Kilmacow
St John's College in Waterford, Ireland, 1894-99.
St Mary's College in Baltimore, MD, 1900-01;
Ordained in Baltimore, 1902.
He was located in Plattsmouth, NE, and then Beaver Crossing, NE, in 1901.
1902-04 he was pastor at St Francis Church, in David City, NE.
In 1904 he went to St Andrews Catholic Church, serving Tecumseh and Crab Orchard, NE.
Rev.Andrew Keeffe14 Apr 1879CurrawnJames KeeffeMary Walsh, Tinlough25 Mar 1927Grandson of Edward Walsh, Luffany
Sr.Alice Quinn26 Jun 1879CarrigeenEdmond QuinnCatherine Walsh, Curlody16 Apr 1944Key West, Dubuque, IowaSister M. Anicetus
Rev.Patrick Delahunty7 Mar 1880CurraghmartinJames DelahuntyEllen Wall, Ballinakill, Mullinavat01 Apr 1955
Rev.Andrew Doyle29 Dec 1882DoornaneWilliam DoyleEllen Dunphy28 Oct 1952PilltownFormally Pastor of St. Brendan's Church, Green Isle, Minnesota.
Interred Mooncoin
Rev.James Delahunty26 Jun 1883PollroneWilliam DelahuntyCatherine Quinn, Doornane15 Jul 1936San FranciscoOrdained 14 Jun 1908 in Kilkenny
Rev.Walter McDonald12 May 1884ClonmoreEdward McDonald, EmilAnastasia Bowe, Emil23 Dec 1978WaterfordOrdained 1909
Diocese of Dublin, mostly Fairview
Retired 1972
Sr.Margaret Delahunty8 Feb 1886PollroneWilliam DelahuntyCatherine Quinn, Doornane21 Jun 1938Calvary Cemetery, St. Paul, Minnesota
Rev.John (J.J.) Reddy23 Mar 1886BarrabehyDaniel ReddyElizabeth Power, Red Acres06 Jan 1936Died Omaha, Nebraska
Buried Butler County, Nebraska
Ordained 1910 All Hallows, Dublin.
Nebraska 1910
Pastor of St. Peter's Church, Bellwood
Monsg.John Power26 Oct 1888GrangeJohn Power, TipperaryMary Conway, Limerick1969DublinOrdained 29 June 1913
CC in the Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Saltcoats in December 1914
1925 Birmingham
PP Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Therese of Lisieux
in the Saltley district of Birmingham from 1930 to 1968
Rev. MotherMary Josephine (Hannah) Conway17 Feb 1889CurlodyThomas Conway, FlemingstownAnastasia Quinn, Curlody01 Nov 1959
Rev.Martin Power11 Nov 1889GrangeJohn Power, TipperaryMary Conway, LimerickOrdained 1915
Birmingham Diocese
Assistance Priest in St. Mary's Walsall until 1922
Saint Joseph's, Nechells until 1923 when he was assigned to Birches parish.
Sr.Mary Walsh25 Dec 1890GrangeJohn WalshMary Delahunty, BarnacoleSister of Mercy, Templemore
Sr.Norah Walsh07 Jan 1891CarrigeenMichael Walsh , AglishCatherine Walsh, Corluddy19 Oct 1949Key West, Dubuque, IowaSr M. Antoinette
Rev.Edward Phelan8 Jan 1891AglishPatrick WhelanCatherine Delahunty, BallybrazilWestport, New ZealandServed as chaplain in the New Zealand armed forces during WW11
Rev.Richard O'Halloran
20 Oct 1891Kilcraggen
James O'Halloran
Bridget Darmody, Crowbally, Ballyhale10 Jan 1918Fr. O'Halloran died of pneumonia as a result of falling overboard from a boat into the sea off Cape Clear Island in early January 1918.Cape Clear CC : 1916 - 10/1/1918
RevPatrick Dunphy27 Jun 1894LuffanyRichard DunphyElizabeth Henebry, Luffany30 Mar 1956Ordained 1920
Rev.Richard Fitzpatrick24 Feb 1895MoonveenMichael FitzpatrickCatherine Broders, Ashgrove09 Sep 1944Davison Co., South Dakota
Rev.Mathias Doyle17 Apr 1895LuffanyWilliam DoyleAnastasia Delahunty, LuffanyPP Clogh, Castlecomer
Rev.Richard O'Carroll1895PollroneJohn CarrollBridget Howley, Ballytarsney28 May 1966DublinOrdained at St. Kieran's on 10 Jun 1923
Cork & Ross parish
Sr.Sr Attracta, Lena Walsh14 Jun 1896CloggaJames WalshCatherine Murphy, EmilSt John of God
Rev.James Corcoran10 Aug 1896CussanaThomas CorcoranMargaret Quinn, LuffanyWarwickshire
Rev.James Doyle26 Nov 1896DoornaneWilliam DoyleEllen DunphyOct 1950San Carlos, CaliforniaPP Church of St. Charles, San Carlos, California.
Interred Mooncoin
Sr.Mary Howley03 Aug 1897MooncoinJames HowleyAlice Hickey, Mooncoin26 Jan 1984Dubuque, IowaSr. Alicia
Rev.John Howley16 Jan 1902MooncoinJames HowleyAlice Hickey, MooncoinMar 1967Ashton, Osceola, Iowa
Rev.John Murphy10 Dec 1903AglishPatrick Murphy, EmilEllen Synott, Ballybrazil17 Apr 1992St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
BishopWilliam Joseph McDonald17 Jun 1904NicholastownPatrick McDonaldBridget Foskin, Deerpark07 Jan 1989Colma, San Mateo, CaliforniaPresident of the Catholic University of America 1957-67
Auxiliary Bishop of Washington, D.C. 1964-67
Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco 1967-79
ArchdeaconPatrick Conway12 Mar 1905CurlodyThomas Conway, FlemingstownAnastasia Quinn, Curlody17 Jun 1978
Rev.John J Kenny7 Apr 1905CussanaThomas KennyAnastasia Dunphy, Luffany03 Jan 2001Belmont, CAOrdained 09 Jun 1929 for Archdiocese of SF in St Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny.
CC St Michael's, SF; St Leo's, San Jose; St Anthony's, Oakland; St Cecilia's SF
and St. Jarlath's, Oakland
PP St Anne's, Brantwood in 1947 for 4 yrs
PP Immaculate Heart of Mary, Belmont for 30 years
Invested as Monsignor of St. Mary's Cathedral 28th Nov 1976.
MotherMargaret Howley20 Aug 1907MooncoinJames HowleyAlice Hickey, MooncoinBrentwood, Essex
Rev.William Kenny25 Dec 1908CussanaThomas KennyAnastasia Dunphy, Luffany29 Dec 1981Dun LaoghaireOrdained in 1933
Several Dublin Parishes
PP Bray, Co. Wicklow
Rev.John Kearns25 Jul 1910TubridRichard KearnsEllen Walsh, Tubrid 15 Nov 1985CastlecomerServed in Nigeria and when he returned to Ireland was
CC in Castlecomer and PP in Dunnamaggin
Rev.Joseph Dunphy21 Mar 1911LuffanyRichard DunphyElizabeth Henebry, Luffany30 Dec 1964Ordained 21 Jun 1936
Rev.James Henebery20 Feb 1912CloncunnyThomas HeneberyBridget Aylward, Ballydaw05 Jul 1944Killed in road/train accident
Kellerberrin, Perth, AU
Ordained Jan 1937 St. John's College, Waterford
PP Kellerberrin Perth.
Rev.Joseph O’Shea22 Mar 1915ArdcloneThomas O’SheaMargaret Purcell, Gaulstown
Rev.John Hoynes05 Apr 1916Ballybrahee GlenmoreMicheal HoynesMary Catherine Purcell, GaulstownGreat grandson of Edmund Walsh, Luffany
Sr.Mary Anna Howley05 Mar 1917MooncoinJames HowleyAlice Hickey, Mooncoin10 Nov 2009Dubuque, Iowa
Rev.Richard Walsh12 May 1918New YorkMichael Walsh, RathkieranNora O'Donohue21 Mar 2003Vero Beach, FloridaNephew of "Drug" Walsh
Monsg.Michael O'Hanlon03 May 1920DoornaneThomas O'HanlonEllen Kinsella, Ballykeoghan20 May 1967St Michael, Los AngelesOrdained 24 Jun 1944 All Hallows for Archdiocese LA.
Monsignor in 1966
Sr.Margaret Corcoran21 Dec 1920CussanyThomas CorcoranMary Anne Grace, Dangan2 Nov 2002Sr Laure de la Trinite, Dublin
Rev.Patrick Grace3 Sep 1921AglishJames GraceMary Irish, Aglish29 Nov 2005Terenure College, DublinOrder of Carmelites
Rev.Thomas Hennebery10 Sep 1924BallybrasilNicholas Hennebry, BallybrasilMargaret Murphy, Emil05 Dec 1991Wellington NZ
Sr.Margaret Doyle26 Aug 1926PortnahullyEdmund DoyleJohanna Phelan, Portnahully7 Aug 2016Dún Laoghaire
Rev.Richard Dunphy02 Sep 1927NarabaneWalter Dunphy, LuffanyJohanna Dalton, Narabane02 Aug 1997Ordained 8 Jun 1952
PP of St. Bebe, Weaverham, Cheshire
Sr.Angela Ready08 Jun 1928GlengrantMartin Crotty, KilkeeAnastasia Ready, Butlerstown15 Dec 2011Granddaughter of Patrick Ready Glengrant
Monsg.Thomas Doyle23 Jul 1930PortnahullyEdmund DoyleJohanna Phelan, Portnahully05 Aug 2013
Rev.William Doyle04 Aug 1930LuffanyEdmond DoyleEllen Conway, Killandrew, Mullinavat18 Jun 1997P.P. St Winefride's, Lymm, Cheshire
Sr.Catherine DelahuntySep 1931CurraghmartinRichard DelahuntyMargaret Walsh, Mountneill2007Sr Cabrini
Rev.Toby Vereker03 May 1933MoonveenEdward VerekerMargaret Kearney, Curraghmore
Rev.Joseph Vereker03 May 1933MoonveenEdward VerekerMargaret Kearney, Curraghmore
Monsg.James Reddy6 Nov 1933Barrabehy Thomas ReddyEllen Quinn, Garrygaug29 Nov 1993Georgetown University Hospital , USAOrdained in 1958
10 years associate pastor of St. Mary's Church in Rockville.
1968 to 1971, Shrine of the Sacred Heart and
at St. Stephen, Martyr, Church, both in Washington,
and was chaplain to George Washington University Hospital.
From 1971 St. Bartholomew's
Catholic Church in Bethesda
Rev.Patrick ReadyMullinavatMartin Crotty, KilkeeAnastasia Ready, ButlerstownGrandson of Patrick Ready Glengrant
Rev.Kevin ReadyMullinavatMartin Crotty, KilkeeAnastasia Ready, ButlerstownGrandson of Patrick Ready Glengrant
Rev.Fintan ReadyMullinavatMartin Crotty, KilkeeAnastasia Ready, ButlerstownGrandson of Patrick Ready Glengrant
Sr.Brigid WalshBallygriffinRichard WalshMargaret Rowe, Ballygorey
Rev.William R TaylorSaginaw, Michigan Richard M TaylorEileen Grant, Michigan (Born NY)Grandson of John Grant, Grange.