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NoSurnameFirstMaidenFromDate DiedAgeBirthFull inscriptionPhoto
1BrodersJohn11 Jun 1799351764Erected by Anstice Walsh in
memory of her husband John
Broders who dept this life
June 11th 1799 aged 35 years.
Also her Father and Mother
Richard Walsh & Catharine
Henebry likewise her Bro
ther and Sister William & Mar
garet Walsh
2BrowdersThomasErected by Thomas and
Catherine Browders in
Memory of their Father
and Mother and 3 of his
Children who Died young
3CainWil27 Apr 1783351748Here Lyeth ye Body of Wil
Cain Deprd this Life April ye
27th 1783 Agd 35 Yrs. Also
His Mother Alice Cain als
Welsh Dept this life April
ye 27th 1783 Agd 69 Yrs
Marg Cain Dep,,,,,,
4th 1787 Agd 67
CainAliceWelsh27 Apr 1783691714
CainMarg4 xxx 1787671716
4ConwayJamesTybroughnyErected by James, Michael and
Robert Conway Tybroughny in
Memory of their father Patrick
Conway who depd Dec 7th 1795 aged 67.
Also their Mother Catherine
Conway departed this life Dec 8th 180? Age……
Also his Sister Mary Conway
departed life……
ConwayPatrick7 Dec 1795671728
ConwayCatherine8 Dec 180?
5DeadyPatrick14 May 1779511728This Stone was Erected
by Catherine Deady als
Welsh in Memory for her
Husband Patrick Deady
who Parted this Life May
the 14th 1779 age 51 Years,,,,,,,
His Father Thomas
6DelahantyJohnPortnahullyErected by John Delahanty
of Portnahully in memory of
his Father Edmd Delahy &
his Wife Elinor Dulahty who
Dep this life March 2nd 1810
DelahantyElenor2 Mar 1810
7DohertyRichardPoulroneErected by Richard & Peter Doherty
of Poulrone in memory of their
Wives Margt Doherty alias
Kenedy who died May 12th 1806
Agd 38 yrs. Also Mary Doherty
alias McDonald who died
DohertyMargaretKenedy12 May 1806381768
8FewerJamesErected by James Fewer
in Memory of his Wife
Alice Walsh who depd 1812
Agd 75 years
9FlingMichaelErected by Michael Fling in
memory of his wife Mary Fling
alias Morahan who died Debr
1767 age 44 yrs. Also the
body of his son James Fling
who Dpd,,,,,,1784 aged
25 yrs
FlingMaryMorahanDec 1767441723
10ForestalRichardMay 1779?20?Here Lieth the Body of
Richard Forestal Son
Of Michael Forestal
Who Depd this life
May the …1779? Aged
20? Yrs
11HenebryRichardNerobawnErected by Richard Henebry
of Nerobawn in memory of
his Father & mother. Also his
Son Willm Henebry Dep
this life Dec 16 1810 aged
29 yrs
Also Mathias Henebry Dep
this life 29 May 1811
aged 50 years
HenebryWilliam16 Dec 1810291781
HenebryMathias29 May 1811501761
12HenneberryJohn16 Mar 1772321740Here Lueth ye Body of John
Hennebery who Deped This
Life March ye 16 1772 Aged
32 years
Also ye Body of his Father Richard
Hennebery who Deped This Life
,,,,,ary 11 1768 Aged 60
HenneberryRichard11 Jan 1768601708
13KearnJames7 Jan 1778681710Here Lieth the Body of James
Kearn Who Depd this life 7th
Jany 1778 Aged 68 yrs. Also his
Wife Catherine Kearn Alias
Doherty Who Depd this life
1st May 1794 Aged 74 yrs
KearnCatherineDoherty1 May 1794741720
14KeefeMichaelErected by Michael and William Keefe
in Memory their father
Peter Keefe who died
Feby 7 1796 aged 70 yrs
KeefePeter7 Feb 1796701726
15KennaAndrewErected by Andrew Kenna in memory of his
Father and Mother whose bodyes lye in this
tomb. His Father Thomas Kenna died Nov 1st 1814
being the 80th year of his Age his Mother Catherine
Kenna alias Cain died Dec 28th 1801 being the 65
year of her Age
KennaThomas1 Nov 1814801734
KennaCatherineCain28 Dec 1801651736
16LonyPerce13 Mar 1742331709Here Lyeth ye Body
of Perce Lony who Par
ted this Life March ye 13th
1742 Aged 33 Yrs
Erected by his Wife
Ellise Foure
17McDonaldThomasNicholastownErected by Thomas McDonald
of Nicholastown in memory
of his father Richard McDon
18MorahanEdwardDournane14 Oct 1918281890Erected By
William Morahan
In Loving memory of his Son Edward
Who was killed in the Great War
14th Oct 1918 Age 28 Yrs
Remains Brought from France
and interred here 24th Nov. 1921.
William Morahan,
Died 25th Nov 1926, aged 88 yrs.
His wife Mary (nee Comerford)
Died 11th Dec. 1923, aged 70 yrs.
Their son, Michael,
Died 21st June 1949, aged 74 yrs.
His wife, Norah (nee Murphy).
Died 7th April 1963, aged 69 yrs.
Their sons, John,
Died 1928 aged 6 yrs.
Tom, died 1934, aged 1 year.
MorahanWilliam25 Nov 1926881838
MorahanMaryComerford11 Dec 1923701853
MorahanMichael21 Jun 1949741875
MorahanNorahMurphy7 Apr 1963691894
19MoranJohn16 Jun 1752501702Here Lyeth ye Body of John Moran
who Dept this Life June ye 16
1752 Aged 50 years.
Also ye body of his wife
Mary Moran Als Griffin
20MurphyJames6 Feb 1764741690Here lies the Body of James
Murphy who depd this life Feby
6th 1764 Agd 74 yrs. Also his Wife
Mary Goff ,who died May
1765 Agd 76 Yrs. Also their Son
John Murphy who died Apr
1809 Aged 67 Yrs.
Erected by James Murphy
their Son.
MurphyMaryGoffMay 1765761689
MurphyJohnApr 1809671742
21QuinEdmundBallyneal1 Nov 1794571737Here lieth the Remains of Edmond
Quin of Ballyneal who departed this
life the 1st day of Nov 1794 Age 57
Years. Also the Remains of his Wife Ellen
Quin alias Welsh who departed this life
April the 20th 1780 Aged 36 years
They lived beloved and died lamented
May their souls rest in Peace. Amen.
QuinEllenWalsh20 Apr 1780361744
22QuinRichardDournaneErected by Richd Quin of Dunenane
in memory of his Son Thos Quin
Who Depd life April 12th 1801 Agd 21 yrs.
Also his wife Catherine Quin Alias
Broders Depd this life Decbr 18th 1804
Agd 53 Yrs.
Also the Body of Walter Quin
Who Depd april 12th 1779
QuinThomas12 Apr 1804211783
QuinCatherineBroders18 Dec 1804531751
QuinWalter12 Apr 1779
23RoeRichardMay 1771771694Here Lyeth ye Body of Ricrd
Roe who Dept this life May
1771 aged 77 years.
Also ye body of Honer Roe als
welch who Depd This Life Apr ye 3
1754 aged 53
RoeHonerWelch3 Apr 1754531701
24SextinHeneryErected by Henery Sextin &
Michal Sextin in memory of his
Father Timothy Sextin who died
Apr 13 1790 Aged 72 also his
Brother James Sextin died March
the 19 1789 Aged 69 years
SextinTimothy13 Apr 1790721718
SextinJames19 Mar 1789691720
25StoneEdmund29 May 1765691696Here lithe the Body of
Edmond Stone who departed
this life the 29th day of May
1765 Aged 69 years
Likewise the body of his wife
Mary Stone alias Rohan who
Departed this life the 15th
day of Nov 1757 Aged 61 years
StoneMaryRohan15 Nov 1757611696
26WalshJoan16 Jul 1773281745Pray for Joan Walsh who died
July ye 16 1773 Aged 28
Also for her GranFather &
GranMother James Broders
Mary Broders
27WalshEdmund1794801714Erected by Richard Walsh in
memory of his Father
Edmond Walsh who dep
this life 1794 aged 80 years, also his
Mother Margaret Walsh who
dep this life 1774 aged 50 yrs
the above Richard Walsh of Fiddown
who died 8th Oct 1824 aged 58
WalshRichardFiddown8 Oct 1824581766
28WalshRichardThis Stone Was Erected
By Richard Walsh in
Memory of his wife
Mary Walsh who Departed
this life Martch ye
15 1793 Aged 32 yrs
WalshMary15 Mar 1793321761
29WalshRichardMiddlequarterErected by Richard Walsh of
Middlequarter in memory of
his son William Walsh who dep
this life May 1st 1809 age 17 yrs
Also William Morahan who died Nov
2nd 1784 aged 25
WalshWilliam1 May 1809171792
MorahanWilliam2 Nov 1784251759
30WalshJohnErected by John Walsh in memory
of his Father Robt Walsh died
May ye 9th 1784 agd 78 Yrs, also his
Mother Margt Walsh Died July 6
1754 age 40
WalshRobert9 May 1784781706
WalshMargaret6 Jul 1745401714
31WalshWilliam24 Mar 1745601685The burial place of William Walsh
and his Posterity he departed life
March 24th 1745 age 60
32WalshPierceGrange20 Aug 1575From Carrigan: History and Antiquities of the Diocese of
Ossory Vol IV page 150
Hic jacet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,us,,,,,,Brenn,,,,,,,,,qui obit 1,,,,,,,,,,,Brennach uxor ejus obit XXV die Novembris 1599. Jesu fili Dav,,,,,,,,ere,,,,,,mei.
WalshHis Wife25 Nov 1599Image
Translation: Here lie,,,,,,,Brennach of,,,,,,,e, who died 1,,,,,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,Brennach, his wife, who died Nov. 25th 1599. Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on meImage