Henebery, Luffany

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The earliest record of this family is the couple William Henebery, Luffany and Catherine Stone

In the Mooncoin parish register there are baptism records for 2 of their children:

1 - Catherine baptised 7th Apr 1780. Catherine married her 2nd cousin once removed, Jeoff Mackey, Portnascully on 6th Feb 1800. Their children born in Portnascully
a) Catherine born 1801
b) Joan baptised 5th Apr 1801
c) Mary baptised 17th Nov 1803
d) John baptised 12th Jul 1806
e) Bridget baptised 6th Apr 1810
f) Mary baptised 8th Jun 1812
g) John baptised 9th Jan 1815
h) William baptised 19th Jul 1816
2 - Mary born 22nd Aug 1784

In addition there are 3 other sons based on the names given to the first born sons and daughters of these sons

3 - Andrew born 1765 who married Joan Mangan also born 1765. See below.
4 - John born 1771 who married Catherine Mackey, born 1766
a) William baptised 20th May 1797 in Luffany
5 - Edmund born 1772 married Anastasia Delahunty, Luffany on 1st Feb 1792. Although it seems strange that there are no children recorded for 8 years
a) William baptised 17th Dec 1800
b) Thomas baptised 7th Apr 1802. He married Mary Cuddihy, Middlequarter on 18th Feb 1830
i) Edmond baptised 26th Mar 1833
ii) James baptised 9th Feb 1835
iii) Andrew baptised 8th Aug 1837
iv) Edmond baptised 14th Aug 1838
v) Walter baptised 13th Jun 1841
vi) Andrew baptised 5th Jun 1844 – married a Mary, surname unknown and no known children. Died in later 1912 age 68
c) Rev. Andrew baptised 5th May 1805 and died 30th Jul 1836 age 31 (1805) and is buried in Carrigeen (No. 126)
d) Catherine baptised 21st Oct 1808
e) Michael baptised 21st Apr 1811. He married Ally Scurry
i) Andrew baptised 12th Apr 1841
f) Catherine baptised 27th Aug 1815, died 24th Jun 1826 age 12 (1814) and is buried in Carrigeen (No. 126)

The children of Andrew Henebery and Joan Mangan

1- Catherine baptised 31st Mar 1790.
2 - William baptised 5th May 1791 and married Betty Brennan, Rathcurby on 22nd Feb 1830. See below
3 - Thomas baptised 13th Dec 1792
4 - Patrick baptised 28th Feb 1794 and died 11th Aug 1865 in Dungooly. He married Anastasia Cary/Keary, Dungooly on 12th Feb 1833
a) Andrew baptised 1st Jan 1834 and died 29th Mar 1913 age 79 (1834) and is buried in Carrigeen (No. 120). When Andrew died the farm passed to the descendants of his uncle William (The McGraths)
b) Michael died 17th Apr 1906 age 60 (1836)
c) Mary baptised 16th Mar 1837 and died 22nd Jul 1879 age 35(1844)
d) Philip baptised 3rd May 1839 and died 11th Aug 1879 age 33 (1846)
e) William baptised 27th Apr 1841 and died 9th Jan 1870 age 24 (1846)
f) John baptised 12th May 1843
g) Margaret baptised 27th Apr 1847 and died 28th Mar 1880 age 26 (1854) – unless this Margaret died young and there is another Margaret born later that is missing from the baptism records
5 - Mary baptised 27th Jul 1795. Married Felix Brennan, Ashgrove on 22nd Apr 1820
a) Walter baptised 9th May 1822
b) Joanna baptised 25th Jun 1825
c) Mary baptised 22nd Nov 1826
d) Mary baptised 9th Apr 1828
e) Andrew baptised 20th Aug 1829
f) John baptised 13th Jan 1831
g) Alley baptised 17th Dec 1832
h) Felix baptised 28th Feb 1834
i) Eliza baptised 5th Oct 1835
6 - Margaret baptised 3th Mar 1797
7 - Catherine baptised 28th Apr 1799
8 - James baptised 8th Apr 1803
9 - Eliza baptised 4th Aug 1806

The children of William Henebery and Betty Brennan

1 - Andrew baptised 28th Dec 1830
2 - Eliza baptised 19th Feb 1832 and died 3rd Mar 1913. Married Edmond Walsh “Kid”, Portnascully on 27th Jan 1869
3 - Julia baptised 7th Jun 1833
4 - Walter “Foxy” baptised 28th Nov 1834 and died 14th Nov 1901. Walter married twice, first Bridget Cummins, Moonveen on 18th Jan 1871. Bridget died 16th Feb 1872 age 31 (Born 1840) a few days after their only child was born.
a) Elizabeth born and baptised on 10th Feb 1872 and died 8th Jan 1957 age 84(1872) - see Carrigeen No. 72. She married Richard Dunphy, Luffany on 6th Feb 1893.
Walter 2nd marriage was to Catherine Walsh “Shawnell”, Aglish on 20th Feb 1878. Catherine died 5th Oct 1911 age 64 (1847) and is buried in Carrigeen (No. 123)
b) Alice born 2nd Jan 1879 and died 20th Nov 1885 age 6
c) Anastasia born 15th Feb 1886 and died 31st May 1959. She married James McGrath on 31st May 1906.
i) James born 24th Sep 1907 and died 25th Jul 2005 age 97(1908). Married Ann Purcell 15th Oct 1915
ii) Johanna born 31st May 1908 and died 19th Mar 2001. Married Patrick Doody, Grannyknock on 5th Oct 1948
iii) Kate born 7th Jan 1910
iv) Mary born 1st Sep 1911 and died 15th Mar 1983 age 72(1911). Married Nicholas Walsh "Watt Moore", Aglish on 14th Aug 1929.
v) Walter born 18th Aug 1912 and died 8th Sep 1912 age 3 weeks
vi) Walter born 1st Jan 1914
vii) William born 18th Apr 1916
d) Julia born 6th Mar 1884 and died 2nd Jan 1942. She married James Maher, Ardera on 5th Feb 1915.
e) William baptised 16th Feb 1886 and died 16th Feb 1965. He married Margaret Moran, Luffany on 22nd Jul 1914. Both are buried in Carrigeen (No. 125)
i) Walter 17th Dec 1917 - 21st May 1986
ii) Edmond died 18th Apr 1925 age 7
iii) Kitty 13th Sep 1915 - 18th Feb 1993. Married Nicholas Dunphy, Ballygorey on 25th Jul 1939
iv) Hannah born 14th Jan 1921
v) Stasia born 21st Mar 1922
vi) Peg
5 - Andrew baptised 7th Apr 1837
6 - Patrick baptised 22nd Feb 1842 and died 24th May 1917 age 75 (1842)