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The purpose of this website is to bring together in one place the local and family history of the parish of Mooncoin. While we will look to highlight all the sources of historical information related to Mooncoin, the main focus will be to bring those sources together to tell the stories of the people of Mooncoin.
The majority of the genealogical records for the parish of Mooncoin exist only as a result of the efforts of Edmond Walsh Kelly in the early decades of the 1900s. He transcribed much of the early census records from 1821-1851, along with wills and land records, all of which were subsequently destroyed in the fire at the Public Record Office at the Four Courts at the start of the Civil War. In addition, due to his effort many headstone transcriptions from the graveyards of Mooncoin survive from that time, many of which are now lost due to the ravages of time.
While these records provide the "raw data" on the people of Mooncoin, they tell only part of the story.
Between 1937 & 39 the Irish Folklore Commission collected information on folklore and local tradition from the pupils of Irish primary schools, including 6 schools from Mooncoin parish. In these stories from the local schools we find the much more interesting details of life in Mooncoin.
We want to collect in one place stories like this, of the people of Mooncoin parish - the Priests and Nuns, farmers, housewives, thatchers, weavers, coopers, and shoemakers etc. who contributed to life in Mooncoin and the world beyond, over the last 300 years.
These stories can be related to any topic - local events, our saints and scholars, our patron saints, our sporting heroes, our holy days, landlords and our struggle for land, our place names, field names, schools, churches, graveyards and holy wells. The War of Independence, the Fenian Rising of 1867 and the 1798 Rising. Traditions and folklore. Family nicknames. Mooncoin people who left to find a better life elsewhere around the world during difficult times.