The Down Survey of Ireland - Map of Iverk

Description from Healy: History and Antiquities of Kilkenny (page 504 to 511)

No of Plot on Down MapProprietor in 1641Denomination of the lands according to the Down Survey MapARPARPNames of the persons to whom in each case the forfieted land conveyedObservation
11Sir Robert RoothRathcurby27822427900Martha Talbott
7700Earl of Ossory
12Edmd & David GrantDungolagh221210221210Edmond Jackson
13John Leonard, Ir. Pa.Ballaghmadin7223213500Duke of Ormonde. Bishop of Ossory, title.
Of same7500
Comons of same6232
Earl of Ormonde, half;)Rathkerane224016224016One moiety, Duke of Ormonde; demesne land.
David Grant, half, Ir. Pa.
The said, Ormonde4 pels. ye same9039032One moiety, Bishop of Ossory, in righ of ye church
2 pts same30163016
Glebe, 3 ptsIn same810810Church land
15David GrantFullbecks towne101016
16Robt. Walsh, Ir. Pa.Rothestowne(150)34200102039John Mallock
212234Charles Hailecroft
26114Martha Talbott
17Thos. Walsh, Ir. Pa.Listroling4860048600Sir John Ponsonby
17mDo.Rock & Mt. Of ye same 22a. 2r. 4p
17bDo.Do. 23a. 0r. 32p.
John LeonardPart of Waddinstown59005900Bishop of Ossory
18John Leonard, David Emet, Thom Walsh and Richard Grante, Ir. Pas and do.Aglish part28621624700John Jessep, part mortg. by dower William Harden
39216Duke of Ormonde; demesnes.
Part of ye same150124150124Duke of Ormonde; demesnes.
19Glebe Lands3 parcels of Glebe land in Aglish418418Church Land
Richard Grant 1/2Portnaholly1783816300Edmond Jackson
John Leonard 1/2In ye same 4a. 3r. 24p.1538Bishop of Ossory
20Duke of OrmondeBallaghsallagh1620016200Duke of Ormonde, Demesne
21David Grant, Irish PapistCorlody35221612900Charles Holeraft
DoIn same2912422300Edmond Jackson
22Duke of OrmondeLuffiney9980099800Duke of Ormonde, DemesneModern day (Ir. Acres)
Luffany 274 2 23
Ballygorey 301 3 0
Licketstown 211 2 4
Moonveen 201 1 19
Total 989 1 6
23Concealed LandGlengrant4032440324Duke of York
24David Grant, Ir. PapistPortnascully1912019120Edmond Jackson
Glebe LandIn ye same500500Church Land
25Peter Strange Ir. Pa.Ballibrazell12123212120Edwd. Beacon.
Do.Of same (No. 24) 66a. 1r. 24p.
26OrmondeDonane1652016500Duke of Ormonde, demesnes
27Edwd. Grant. Ir. Pa.Polerane317216317216Thomas Walsh
27:1Of same1060010600
27:2Of same438438
27:3Of same1012410124
27Glebe LandIn same220220Church Land
28Ed. Grant, aforesaidBallaghgevan5833258332Duke of YorkPart of Poleroan & Doornane
28:2OrmondeBallaghgevan4133841338Duke of Ormonde, demesne land.
29John Leonard, Ir. Pa.Ballinlogh3530
30Pierce WalshGrange28921029000Captain Ed. Hoare, for Mary Bond
Grant's Land2022920229Duke of York
In difference betweenSame, Clonmore1918(qr.) Church Land
The SameThe same and Ballytarsney700
31Pierce, aforesaidNicolastowne86008600Sir John Pohnsonby
32Earl of OrmondeClogath5300053000Duke of Ormonde; demesne land
32:5Do.2 pcls. same 10a. 2r. 32p.
Of same60206020
33Pierce Walsh, Ir. Pa.Afadda1091010910Ed. Hoare, for Mary Bond
34Richard Walsh, Ir. Pa.Killecragan193216John Woodcocke
35Ormonde5 pcls. Ballytarsney102016
35bBogOf ye same 75a. 0r. 0p.
GlebeIn Same10321032Church land
36John Leonard, Ir. Pa.Ballinacur84188400Martha Talbot.
Of same 51a. 0r. 0p.
37Howell WalshArderry270016270016Col. Hoyle Walsh
Of Same77187718
39Ormonde, one-eight, and James Walsh half of the remainder and William Walsh of the other half. Ir. Pa.Tubberd and Barbehy457024457024Sir John Ponsonby
Col. Ponsonby2 pcls same2901629016The same.
Comons inSame23232
GlebeSame418418Church Land
40Ormonde ; Cr.Difference between ye same
Ballencor, Ballinecall7532475324John Jessop, Pt.
41Thomas Walsh, Ir. Pa.Killinaspick109232109232John Jessop, Pt.
42Walter Dalton, Ir. Pa.Cloneacony1120011200Sir John Ponsonby.
Not recordedIn common calledDaltons Bog and Loghereagh 804a. 0r. 0p.
43Foulk Denne, Ir. Pa.Gragavine97009700Robert Frippe.
44Thomas Walsh, Ir. Pa.Cloynemore495002000Sir John Ponsonby.
49500John Jessop, Pt.
GlebeIn same18161816Church land.