Come join with me my champion men in Erin’s lovely Isle

I’ll sing for you a verse or two which will cause you for to smile

Concerning the parish of Mooncoin and Carrigeen “Gael go Breagh”

They’re the campions of old Ireland for the hurley and the ball


Rise up Mooncoin and with me join your men of sport and fun

Till I will name the glorious fame you manfully have won

Through hill and dales your fame prevails Kilkenny County oer

And far around old Ireland’s ground with sound from shore to shore


You met brave by hill and glen through wood and mountain side

You conquered all both great and small around you far and wide

You ner did fear their fame to hear but on the Gaelic fields

Your great renown and noble crown manfully made them yield


‘Twas in Maryborough town Dublin swore they would be champion men

But when the ball it was thrown in I shouted for the Glen

Will Fox he stood on the centre line and the ball he gave a flam

The Dublin champions swore that day twas heard in Connemara Dan


‘Twas in the United States of America when our Irish boys sailed oer

They proved themselves the champions of old Ireland for the hurley and the ball

They were cheered in towns and country plains where ever they did roam

And the signal was for Ireland’s boys and the jackets green they wore


Three cheers for Ballygorey, Old Luffany and the Glen

Likewise Ballybrazil, Dournane and Mooncoin men

I hope we are not forgetting the Quarters and in glory may they shine

We have the championship today in the parish of Mooncoin


Philip Rowe, Ballygorey. 7th Apr 1853 – 22nd Dec 1936